Willow – natural material for outdoor teepee

Nowadays we are increasingly using plastic in our daily activities, because it is very functional, cheap and light, but not everything must be made out of plastic. A willow teepee might be the case for this situation.

Inspired by the tents made by the Native American tribes in order to provide warmth during winter and coolness during summer, teepees are still used by the modern days people, but as a back-to-nature experience. Kids, on the other hand, see it as an imagination land, where they can enjoy pretend games and feel like being part of a nomadic tribe. Your willow tepee will help you establish your own woodland retreat, where children can explore, hide, play games and experiment within a natural setting.

Although they are all custom-made, having a willow tipi instead of a regular one made from synthetic materials, also enhances your personal environmental performances, because it is well understood that the contribution of each one of us is necessary in this concern. Also, you will not need a fabric to cover the teepee frame. You just need a good trellis. Hope you have the knowledge to make trellis on your own. If you don’t, look for tutorials about it on the internet and follow the instructions, but they are based on the traditional weaving techniques. That is only if you want to manufacture it yourself.

Willow teepees are a chance of having your own tent in the backyard or garden, made by you at home and at lower costs. Using willow poles, you will get an inexpensive, easy to move and fun teepee frame. Some ends of the willow poles may require trimming. So, make sure you have a pair of scissors.

Depending on the wood species you choose for the poles, a teepee may last only a year or two or it could last for six or seven years. Trees that grow near a swamp, pond or a river, usually have good flexibility. Therefore, willow wood works great for a teepee frame, at the same time being a natural material which will help you create wild beauty real estate.

The size of a teepee depends on the number of poles used for its frame and it can be placed directly onto a surface, like grass or even sand. And for a unique character, you should pay attention to its trellis originality. Depending on your creativity skills, spend more or less time making the trellis.

A willow teepee is not for indoor use and also, it cannot be assembled and reassembled. Therefore, you can’t fold it for storage under your bed or in the closet. But, at the same time, it doesn’t need washing and thus it is ideal for outside use.

As a further functionality for plant lovers out there, a willow teepee can also be used as a support for climbing plants. Make sure it is self standing and expandable. But if you find your willow teepee to be looking very artistic, than using it as garden sculpture wouldn’t be such a bad idea. It will sure give your garden a rustic look.

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