Reasons to buy a teepee for your kid

Kids love role playing. Make your little one feel like being part of a Native American nomadic tribe and buy him a kids teepee. Parents need to find ways for stimulating children’s imagination and creativity and a teepee might be exactly what they need, engaging them in a pretend play which will build their confidence and strategy thinking skills. Small infants, such as newbie, find pleasure in crawling in and out, while the older ones might be looking to own bit of a real estate. Just make sure there will be no conflicts, because if toddlers like to crawl in and out, but the older one is looking for a hiding place, then you’ve got a problem.

A teepee tent is ideal for outdoor activities in the back yard along with a small fire in front, during night, but it is also great for indoor use in the living room when your infant wants his own playhouse. It comes in a variety of measures, patterns and styles to suit your budget and preferences. Don’t forget to take your child’s opinion into consideration when purchasing one, because he is the one who will use it and therefore, he must love it too. Although they are usually custom made, giving you the option to choose a certain print for it, certain manufacturers might not refuse when you decide to use your own fabric. Just paint your favorite design at home with your kid and then send it to him in order to attach it to the teepee frame.  If you’re going to use tempera for painting, then you should know that it will only survive a couple of rains. Permanent latex or water based paint would be ideal.

Another thing to take into consideration when buying a kids teepee is the fabric. It should be durable cotton canvas. Also, as any parent, you are probably concerned about cleaning and thus the fabric must be washable or at least spot clean.

Designed after Indian homes that were made to be warm in winter and cool during summer and to be able to hold 30 or 40 people comfortably, kids teepee are obviously smaller, but big enough for two or more kids to fit in with enough spare space for whatever they want to drag in. The size depends on the number of poles used for the frame. Therefore, your kid can ask his friends to come along for playing in his tent. And if your teepee has a cut away window on a side, then children will definitely have more fun taking a peak at you through the tiny window.

A kids teepee comes fully assembled, making set up and storage simple for any child. Also, it can be folded and stored under bed or in the closet so that it will not disturb you when you don’t use it, but it will always be there for the next adventure in the backyard.

The important role of a teepee will be reflected in your child character development. Even teachers understand the importance of role playing and creativity in growing up. So, teepees are sometimes used in preschools. A teepee might be the place where your kid will share his first secret or take him to a new level of imagination. It’s just one of the greatest outdoor toys for kids!

Let your little one enjoy night sleepover in his new teepee and make sure he has warm blankets, cushion and sleeping bags in there. Some manufacturers have thought about that and can offer you these extra elements along with your teepee.

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