Kids Teepee – Introduction

If you want your child to have his own world of imaginary play, than you probably need a kids teepee. When using a tent, a grown up sees only a satisfactory solution for sleeping outside, while children see it as a hidden corner, a little place of their own, where they can dream, play and even someday read. Once you bring something like this at home, your kid will be over the moon.

Inspired by the conical tent made of animal skins and wooden poles used by Native American nomadic tribes, kids teepee are obviously smaller, but big enough for two or more kids to fit in together with heaps of spare room for whatever they drag along with them. They are constructed using a 5 pole pentagon shape, but not only. You may use more or less than 5 poles. Three poles are the minimum, while 6 make a more stable tent, like in the image below.

kids teepee toy

Kids teepees shouldn’t use wooden or metal poles for they are to heavy and your children has probably got a lot of energy. So, he will crawl in and out and poles could fall on his head while moving. It is recommended to be made out of plastic. PVC poles are the lightest and safest option. Wooden poles might snap, splinter or break, while those made from metal might rust.

It comes in with a floor cushion, this way being ideal for a newbie starting to crawl. Just make sure that there will be no conflicts between your newbie and your older children looking to own bit of a real estate.

A teepee can be assembled and reassembled, making it easier to fold away for storage in a closet or even under your bed, after using it during day or night. Since any mother is usually concern about cleaning, some teepees can be washed, being made from cotton. You can actually wash it in the machine. Other teepees are made from plain cotton and therefore would only allow spot clean. These are actually made for indoor play only.

Kids Teepees are available in a selection of measures, colors and patterns to match your preferences, but make sure to choose the right one. Your kid must love it too. Plus, his teepee’s appearance will have an important role in a pretend play. Although they are usually custom-made, for more originality, you could try to find a manufacturer who would do a ’’special order’’ even by using your own fabric if you wish so. An internet search for a kids teepee will result in a variety of styles and prices. So, it might get difficult for you to choose. Besides, you can order online teepees with the name of your child. Also, a cut away window in a wall if possible, will allow your children to have more fun or to take a peek at you.

Surprise your little one with a unique printed teepee and set it up in the playroom while he’s sleeping so that he would have a nice thing to discover when he wakes up in the morning. The benefits of a kids teepee will be reflected in your child’s hide and seek skills and also emotional and social skills. Kids usually use it for fun games of role-playing that can develop their confidence.

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